Mitad - 'Fighting With Fire' EP

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  • RELEASE DATE: 05.17.2019
  • FORMAT: DIGITAL 320K (MP3) 1411K (Wav)

We are ecstatic to introduce new artist duo Mitad , dropping their debut EP release ‘Fighting With Fire’ , out on NexGen Music today!

Fighting With Fire sees the duo blend their influences together to create a melting pot of musical excellence. Drum and bass fans will find solace in tracks like ‘Trust’ , ‘Fighting With Fire’ , ‘Lost Smile’ , and ‘You’ . Alternatively, ‘Let Me Show You’ bears the hallmark of a vocal club classic, while ‘Demons’ , and ‘Hiding’ sport undeniable quality deep house vibes. ‘Why’ is a silver-toned piano ballad, further showcasing the variety of the Mitad sound. The final track on the EP is an extended version of ‘Let Me Show You,’ which is perfectly crafted to be the highlight of any house DJ’s set.

Speaking about the challenges of recording an EP while located in different parts of the country, Katherine shares: “Distance will never stop the creation of music. Recording from two entirely different areas in England did not prevent us from finishing the album. It may have taken a little longer than it may do usually, but as is often the case, nothing rushed, quick or instant is worth doing!”

On creating the music for the EP, Sal states: “Diversity is the best word to represent this release. No borders or barriers allowed. Bitter and sweet is the flavor of this musical feast. The best thing about the experience working on this project has is the complete freedom left to each other in expressing our art and passion.”

Listen, buy, and enjoy! :)

NexGen Music Ops Team