Unsub - 'Surreptitious' LP

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  • RELEASE DATE: 08.13.2019
  • FORMAT: DIGITAL 320K (MP3) 1411K (Wav)

Following up from her previous collaborative effort with Alexis K, Unsub dives deeper into sonic storytelling with this 13 track exploration of Drum & Bass, Dub and Electronica.

Staunchly aggressive basslines, sweeping orchestral motifs and guitar driven adventures set the mood in the second release from the new NexGen sub-imprint - Pure Heart Dirty Mind Records (PHDM).

The journey kicks off on a dubstep tip, with spellbinding piano riffs, soulful and hypnotic vocal hits and devastating basslines in Liv Wilder . On to clever percussive rhythms weaving through seductive, serpent-like melodies in Deceit & Deliverance . Straight into the sexy growling bass of Glamour . The ride then takes a turn into the more ambient heaviness, of Looking Glass , where atmospheric sounds paint a futuristic soundscape over that trademark PHDM killer bass vibe.

We take it up a notch with Well & Gone , where soulful vocals ride over driving basslines and mischievous synths. On to Breeders , where rock guitars dominate the scene, peppered with clever edits and clean percussion. Pure mayhem ensues, hold tight!

The ride takes a turn into driving basslines, steady piano hooks and deep soul vocal licks painting the soundscape in The Clap in the Shack Came Back . Evolving into the deliciously sexy eastern flavors of Erotomania . Straight into the in-your-face attitude, driving bass and steady-rolling piano riffs of Signs of Aggression .

Up next, the sound of Alexis K squares off against the formidable Unsub in the futuristic banger, Surreptitious - look out!

Lightening the mood, we head into Love Korine , where delicate piano dances with Spanish-influenced guitar riffs, and sexy vocal touches, taking things up a notch into this tidy little drum and bass number.

The Spanish guitar vibes continue into Rio De La Fuego , a teasing, high-octane mission, leading into the conclusion of our journey with Catatonia , marrying ethereal vocal touches, Spanish guitars and hard-hitting bass.

Drop further down the rabbit hole with Unsub's - Surreptitious LP

Listen, buy, and enjoy! :)

NexGen Music Ops Team