Rob Sparx (feat. Upriza) - 'Crazy Youth' EP

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  • RELEASE DATE: 08.04.2023
  • FORMAT: DIGITAL 320K (MP3) 1411K (Wav)

Rob Sparx is back with long-time collaborator vocalist and author Upriza (Kelso Simon) bringing you a showcase of fresh drum and bass that also pays homage to the true foundation of the music and the scene.

Title track 'Crazy Youth' is an anthem for the anti-gun and knife crime movement, and a BANGER for any dance floor, arena or festival. It's impossible to ignore the main chorus that blends perfectly with chest rattling basslines throughout the track. Gloves up Knives down!

The video is shot on location at Leicester Unity Boxing Club (UK), with a special guest appearance from Lyon Woodstock – a World Boxing Organization (WBO) champion who was nurtured by the club. This effort is also supported by Gloves Up Knives Down , a UK-based non-profit social enterprise committed to supporting young people living in communities affected by knife crime, providing access to boxing training to help them lead fulfilling and healthy lives away from crime (founded in 2019).

Rob Sparx & Upriza - 'Crazy Youth' [OFFICIAL]

'Big Fish' is pure heavyweight champion bizness, with deep rolling basslines taking you back to the dance floors of the mid-to-late 90's. With catchy melodic and breakbeat workouts, this tune pays homage to the sound and vibes of yesteryear while still sounding distinctly fresh and unique. Rob Sparx's ear for melodies is evident throughout complimented by smooth reggae style vocals from Upriza.

'Horror' is a sinister steppa that transports you into the gritty side of jungle drum and bass production. Rob's moody breakwork and window rattling sub basslines are perfectly complimented with Upriza's dark and edgy ragga vocals.

'Head Hunting' is a pure energy banger that sees Upriza letting loose lyrically, nicely rolling over penetrating electro basslines that are sure to get any venue rocking!

Listen, buy, and enjoy! :)

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