D.J.C. - 'Sexy House Thang'

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  • RELEASE DATE: 07.28.2023
  • FORMAT: DIGITAL 320K (MP3) 1411K (Wav)

NexGen Music label boss D.J.C. - drops funky dancefloor banger ‘Sexy House Thang’ on Affectionate Grooves – a collaboration featuring DJ/Vocalist/Fashion Designer Bijoux (Ossawa) along with a host of talented musicians (including D.J.C.'s young descendants and budding music production artists; R.G.C. + R.B.C. as guest vocalists).

Inspired by house-infused Afro-Latin, jazz, soul and funk flavors, ‘Sexy House Thang’ consolidates 350+ channels of musical dance-party goodness, which has also been adapted into an animated video that takes you on a psychedelic journey designed to elevate your mind body and soul…

D.J.C. - 'Sexy House Thang' (feat. Bijoux) [ANIMATED]

Prior to release D.J.C. hosted a sitdown in the lab with Bijoux, R.G.C. and R.B.C on the couch to chat about release collaboration, and other cool stuff.

Sexy House Thang - Behind the Scenes w/ D.J.C., Bijoux and R.X.C

And… for all of your music production nerds, D.J.C. hosted a walkthrough of his DAW workflow for the 'Sexy House Thang' project sharing insights into music production, track organization, plugins and more.

Sexy House Thang - Behind the Scenes w/ D.J.C., Bijoux and R.X.C

If you live your life with a deep respect and passion for funky house music - wherever you are and whatever you are doing, always remember: "It's a Sexy House Thaaang…"

Listen, buy, and enjoy! :)

NexGen Music Ops Team