Rob Sparx

Rob Sparx — Migration Recordings Artist
Rob Sparx — Migration Recordings Artist

It would be hard to find a more eclectic producer of electronic music than Rob Sparx. A classically trained double bass player and guitarist originally influenced by the sounds of rock legends such as Jimi Hendrix, he soon became fascinated by the music, technology, and culture of dance/dub music and began producing in the late '90s.

Originally from London growing up close to Croydon and later Camden, Rob moved to Leicester in late 1999 and was soon spending a lot of time at DJ SS's Formation 5HQ studios where many well-known UK-based producers have cut their teeth over the years. Initially more of a house producer, Rob eventually became focused purely on Drum & Bass, putting out vinyl releases on labels such as Formation, Grid, Zombie, and Propaganda.

After a few years of dabbling in Drum & Bass Rob felt that his creativity was becoming stagnant, so went back to the drawing board and began writing other styles and refining his music production techniques. In 2007 he signed with Z-Audio and switched his attention solely to the more bass and sub heavy sounds of Dubstep, putting out his first album and a huge number of vinyl, CD and digital releases over next few years.

Rob's sound draws on a huge range of different influences but is often characterized by rich melodies and harmonies, film-like soundscapes and textures, dub influences, sub heavy window shaking basslines, and at times a robotic '8-bit' feel. The mood of his music is diverse, anything from warm, loving or spiritual ambience to aggressive "glitchiness" and downright foolish parody. Over the years he has worked and collaborated with many other artists and had radio support from the likes of Annie Mac, Kissy Sellout, Zane Lowe, Eddy Temple Morris, Skream & N-Type, and has toured many cities in the UK and abroad, playing gigs in Europe, USA, Puerto Rico, Australia, Russia, and Israel.

Rob is now signed to NexGen Music, releasing on NexGen Recordings, Affectionate Grooves and his own label Migration Recordings which became a part of the NexGen Music Group in 2011.

After some much needed timeout to support the arrival of two beautiful children and everything that responsibility brings, Rob is firmly back on the bass, now older, bolder, and with a fresh perspective and a whole new sound.

Lots, LOTS more to come from Rob Sparx!

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