About NexGen Music

NEXGEN MUSIC is a worldwide independent record label with more than a decade's history and recognition of delivering a distinct and pioneering sound within underground and mainstream music.

Converging from countries across the entire globe, NEXGEN composers, artists, and associated personnel dedicate their creative talents to the continuous development and evolution of sound, producing musical compositions that serve a multitude of industries and purposes from:

  • Radio: (Underground & Mainstream)
  • Entertainment: (Club, Bar, Lounge, Festival)
  • TV & Film: (Advertising, Motion Picture, Documentary, Reality, Education)
  • Fashion: (Runway, Online Advertising, In-store Music)
  • Therapy: (Meditation, Relaxation, Escapism)
  • Non-profit & Education: (e.g. Royalty-free music for college & university media)

Through it's three imprints: NexGen Music , Migration Recordings , and Affectionate Grooves , the label showcases a wide range of musical genres and styles such as; Downtempo, Chill-Out, Nu/Future-Jazz, Drum & Bass, Bass Music, Dubstep, UK Garage, House, Electronica (EDM), Trap, Hip-Hop, Trip-Hop, Soul, Funk, Leftfield, Experimental, and more.

NEXGEN is an artist-centric brand devoted to creating a forward-looking, inclusive and multifaceted musical community. We foster a philosophy of artistic growth, collaboration and experimentation, uniting promising new talent with established industry musical magicians. Founded by musician and producer Daniel 'D.A' Clarke often referred to as the "back-room genius" having remixed and collaborated on music projects spanning a wide range of style genres — featuring some of the most influential and successful underground artists and musicians in the world today.

NEXGEN MUSIC continues to chart a bold course and ambitious vision for the future – focusing on greater expansion and increased experimentation, whilst remaining anchored in its core values of artist and creative development.