Kachina's Live Interview and Studio Mix on Rinse FM!

Kachina's Live Interview and Studio Mix on Rinse FM!

Kachina & Afua smashed Marcus Nasty’s Rinse FM show last month with their live interview and studio mix.

Straight off the back of Kachina’s successful EPs, Smile and Heisenberg on Affectionate Grooves, the group were invited down for a live mix and interview on Marcus Nasty’s Rinse FM show back in February of this year. The radio DJ had already supported their collaboration with Prangman, on 'Smile' Affection Grooves' debut release, a smooth soulful house record. However, after hearing the darker side of Kachina on the Heisenberg EP he had to get them to Rinse HQ to find out what they're all about.

NexGen immediately jumped on the opportunity, label boss D.A stating “I was ecstatic and buzzing for the Kachina crew. And, it was a little unexpected as it was only their second release as an artist group.”

Rob and Wigz met up before the show up in Leicester to make sure everything was sounding tight. After hitting London the Kachina boys got some time to lock into the pirate stations transmitting across the city not that Zurcon knew as he slept most of the way.

South London based singer and Kachina collaborator, Afua met them at Rinse HQ in Central London and they readied up their set due to go live at 8pm. Despite a mixup with the amount of mics, everything went perfectly. The Rinse crew were on it and sorted the mics ASAP, though the lack of vocals at the onset of the mix give Rob and Wigz a chance to properly introduce the Kachina sound. Once things were set up and ready Afua showcased her talents with an epic freestyle over an upcoming Kachina track that's heavy on the bass and full of soul.

Their 30 minute mix ended up going on around 45 as the Rinse FM studio crew thought that things sounded so good, why make it stop…? The Kachina crew blew up the phone lines, getting tons of shout outs and calls to the station as they showed Rinse FM, and the whole of London and surrounding areas what they are all about with stacks of exclusive material forthcoming from on NexGen's Affectionate Grooves imprint.

“It's a good job we had those spare tunes, this experience teaches you that you always need those spare tunes!” - Wigz

The additional air time was a great bonus to an already great opportunity. It gave Kachina a little bit more time to plug their sound and as the reactions showed, the audience were loving it.

“It was really generous of Marcus Nasty to give us that extra time” - Afua

After their extended guest mix they had a very brief chat with their host Marcus Nasty who "bigged-up" the Kachina sound. It was clear that Marcus was digs it, and can’t wait to hear what's to come - so much so that he invited the whole crew back down in the summer.

The opportunity to appear on Rinse FM doesn't come easy, but Kachina certainly made it look that way. Everyone's commitment to their unique

sound was obvious to Marcus who at the end of the show was more than happy to offer his advice to the guys. Guidance from someone so established and influential in the industry is something money can't buy and UK tribe Kachina are so happy to have been the recipient of it and will sure use it wisely.

“All in all it was an extremely encouraging and positive experience for Kachina and NexGen, I'm so happy with the outcome. We can't wait to get the call to appear on Rinse FM again later this summer!” - D.A

We're all excited to get back down to Rinse this summer. Until next time, you can listen again to Kachina & Afua's live interview and mix on Marcus Nasty's Rinse FM show below.

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