Kachina — Affectionate Grooves Artist
Kachina — Affectionate Grooves Artist

UK Tribe Kachina brings you music from the spiritual dimension to sharpen your senses and calm your soul. Tapping into your emotions with sounds of dark and light, melodies floating in harmony, basslines rolling into the night.

Our music is an escape from the day-to-day reality we live in, there are many problems with the world we live in which no-one wants to fix and which can be difficult to talk about so we try to express our feelings both good and bad through music. We're writing music that isn't just functional party music its therapy using bass, rhythm, melody & harmony, we try to capture a spiritual sense of the world mixing our favorite dance styles with a tribal sound.

Put yourself in alignment with the life within all objects that fill the universe, and let Kachina be your guide in the mystical realm of underworld bass music, we hope that you will find your inner peace as we have, come on this journey with us and we will guide you to a new experience.....

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