Spooky Distance - 'SD Vol.1' LP

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  • CAT#: NXGDLP06
  • GENRE: Downtempo / Experimental
  • RELEASE DATE: 12.21.2014
  • FORMAT: DIGITAL 320K (MP3) 1411K (Wav)

NEXGEN MUSIC presents the first release for the newly-formed band/collective 'SPOOKY DISTANCE' — a band born from unedited jam sessions direct from the studio, and performed by Neil Sanford and Tony Lobue from Earth Leakage Trip, along with long-time ‘Jamonauts’ Pete Corbalan and Adam Fras.

After spending many years in the studio together, 'Spooky Distance' began as pure jamming sessions that evolved into live-jam-multi-track-recordings.Throughout the sessions the Spooky Distance crew spends countless hours creating, remixing, editing,and warping their sound — liberating themselves from the 'normal' process of arranging music, instead letting the music take control of the sessions and its eventual outcome. The resulting sound is fresh and inspiring while providing an abundance of raw, spontaneous and unique ideas. Spooky Distance are all about capturing the ‘magic’ moments that would normally be impossible to re-create in a typical jam sessions scenario.

'Spooky Distance Vol.1' or 'SD1' features 15 sessions dubbed 'Actions' that take you on an amazing journey into the deep chasms of improvised sound. Whether you need some music therapy to help with through the day, or a audio companion for a long drive or getaway - grab a copy of SD1 and tune yourself into its frequencies.

With their second LP already in the works, NexGen plans to release and support many more Spooky Distance projects in 2015 and beyond.

You can also keep in touch with the Spooky Distance Crew on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Buy, listen and enjoy! :)