Prangman - 'Herschel' EP

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  • GENRE: Future House / Drum & Bass / Dubstep / Jazz
  • RELEASE DATE: 09.22.2015
  • FORMAT: DIGITAL 320K (MP3) 1411K (Wav)

NEXGEN MUSIC is proud to present our latest release entitled 'HERSCHEL EP' on our MIGRATION imprint, featuring the inaugural release from Leicester, UK-based PRANGMAN

Prangman who for years has been perfecting a hybrid sound of infused garage bass house through a variety of creative processes. Through trial and error, a repetitive attempt for finding successful musical perfection is key from Prangman. Everything crafted on the HERSCHEL EP is something that’s designed to be amplified through speakers everywhere you go. From the nightclubs and raves that Prangman has been part of for years, to the personal headphones of someone wanting to relive that happy weekend experience, the HERSCHEL release, will take you there.

You’ll find no imitation of those who have influenced Prangman's musical direction. Being labeled, as part of a musical genre or movement is one thing, but evolving it further and taking it to unknown places is the ultimate aim. Not only with his own output, but alongside his monthly SOUS SOL event, which was co-founded, back in 2012 in his current location of Leicester, a proud achievement alongside the multiple beach and forest parties he’s been a part of in his native North-East.

Hailing from Newcastle upon Tyne, a proud heritage of electronic music has been ingrained into Prangman since he can remember. Rummaging through the racks at record shops, massing a collection across multiple genres has seen knowledge of the entire scene build up and ensure that teenage years were always spent checking out DJ’s and witnessing live performances at every opportunity.

With the HERSCHEL EP already generating hype through exposure on Rinse FM and Sub FM you can expect plenty more from Prangman in the near future...

Buy, listen and enjoy! :)