Various Artists - I-Soulation LP

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  • GENRE: Downtempo / House / Breaks / Chill / Unclassified
  • RELEASE DATE: 09.29.2014
  • FORMAT: DIGITAL 320K (MP3) 1411K (Wav)

NEXGEN MUSIC presents 'I-SOULATION' LP — a looong awaited multi-genre/multi-artist production showcase featuring some of NexGen Music's finest talent and household names such as: Earth Leakage Trip, D.A, Intelligent Manners, Kubatko + more (also not forgetting all of the co-artists/musicians/vocalists that participated).

Delivered to you with the highest level of emotion provoking production and quality that you've come to expect from the NexGen Music camp, this eclectic arrangement of compositions is "born straight from the womb of Soul" itself.

'I-Soulation' is pure audio therapy at your disposal for when you are working away in your office/cubicle, working out the gym or on a long distance run, chillin' on your daily commute, or if you just feel the need to escape and relax in isolation with some deep sonics as mental stimulation (or just some damn good background music!).

Make that you don't miss out on your much needed audio fix and grab yourself a copy of the 'I-Soulation' LP today!

Also, watch out for upcoming NexGen releases (12" Vinyl & Digital) featuring: Undersound, Physical Illusion & Sunny Crimea, Spooky Distance, Earth Leakage Trip, Rob Sparx (on Migration Records) Dee Ellington, and much more!

Much love and peace as always :)