Physical Illusion & Sunny Crimea (12" Vinyl)

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  • GENRE: Drum & Bass
  • RELEASE DATE: 09.22.2014

NEXGEN MUSIC is proud to present yet another piping-hot release, this time featuring the dynamic duo Physical Illusion & Sunny Crimea with their second 12” release on NEXGEN in a little over a year. A limited edition release that features tracks taken from their forthcoming LP 'Something About Love' out in stores later this year. This sampler is exactly what the doctor ordered with 4 exquisite cuts of extraordinary "Drum 'n' Soul" making this the perfect introduction to a full-length LP that will surely be nothing less than of the highest grade from a pair of in-form and best-in-class artists.


'About You' kicks off with a seemingly moody vibe, wasting no time to hit you with it’s winding, grimy bassline which completely has you fooled until you reach the drop down, where it switches up by throwing you into a hollow cavern of sound inhabited by lush pianos, masculine vocals and crisp percussion.


'Confused' brings you into a place of complete tranquil, featuring smooth guitars and bass, light drums and percussion, classy brass solos, and vocals that wash over you in a soul-cleansing shower of sound. A perfect tune to coincide with the end of summer and an absolute peach of tune!


'Remember When' is a classy little roller from the duo that opens with elegant and intriguing sonics led by a catchy vocal hook and a tidy piano solo — only to be taken over at the drop by a double-bass riff mushed inside of a snappy drumline which together serve as the driving force of this rolling gem. This is a track that takes you back.. Way back....


Rounding out the performance is 'Soul Harmony' , one of those tracks that reminds you of why you fell in love with Drum & Bass. Coming at you with a bright intro led by airy pads and choppy drums, before dropping into deep soulful breaks laced with cold tones, warm basses and a commanding vocal hook. A perfect ending to a wonderful journey.

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