Neveready - 'The Forest' EP

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  • RELEASE DATE: 04.19.2019
  • FORMAT: DIGITAL 320K (MP3) 1411K (Wav) / 12" Vinyl

Neveready drops his highly-anticipated fourth release on NexGen Music, entitled the 'The Forest' — an exquisite production that takes you on a sophisticated downtempo journey, drawing you in for a calm and soothing musical experience.

This release came together as a result of numerous jam sessions with various musicians and artists, from the delightful vocals of Astrid Stenberg and Charlotta Kerbs along with an entire host of fellow compatriots Jukka Kiviniemi, Jussi Nieminen, Miikka Melantie, Silttu Sillanpää, Toni Nordlund, Felix Holmberg, Niko Muukkonen, Felix Back and Anders Sjölind .

All of the music began as simple musical ideas and rhythms, captured and tracked at the moment of improvisation and raw creativity. Speaking to ‘The Forest’ Neveready cites, “The goal was to create a soundtrack for ‘getting lost in the forest’, and help listeners to unwind from their busy realities. The songs are constructed and composed to sound like they are played by a band, even though most of the musicians involved have never met each other in the flesh. It is essentially my 'imaginary' band playing what I would like it to play.”

The video for the opening track ‘Release Me' was shot in the very forest that Neveready drew his initial inspiration from. The EP is also available as a limited edition 12” green-colored vinyl.

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