Neveready — NexGen Music Artist
Neveready — NexGen Music Artist

Neveready (Petteri Arpiainen), is a Finnish producer, DJ, promoter and a vocalist with a music career spanning over 18 years.

Originally from Vaasa, a small city in the west coast of Finland, Neveready first got into making beats in the early 1990's, andgrew up listening mostly to early Jungle, Drum & Bass, and Trip-hop. From an early age he had already developed a keen ear for a variety of good music, influenced by listening to the family vinyl LP collection that varied from Finnish Tango to The Doors and Metallica. During the Late 90's Petteri decided to form his first rap group.

After a few small independent releases leading up to the Millennium, though some close connections he met 'Dumb', (back then known as Humanlike) and together they started making music as a group called Foureyes, and independently released their first tape 'Kohdatut Kasvot' in 2003, and later on that year his first solo tape entitled 'Kasetti' released on Anti-Party Music. Kasetti was followed by 'Kasetti 2': a double tape released in 2004, under the alias Neveready. The summers 2004 and 2005 were spent producing more laid back projects such as the infamous “Rillipäät” (Finnish for Four Eyes).

Neveready started DJ'ing at small local parties and began to organize and promote small local events and in 2003 he was the pioneer of 'Homemade' - club night that promoted and contributed to the small Finnish underground hip hop community. With support from DJ Akim (formerly known as Groovert) they ran their events for nearly 5 years throughout various venues and locations in Vaasa.

In 2005 Neveready got more back into making instrumental Hip-Hop, Trip-Hop and Downtempo beats and successfully released an EP, entitled 'Neveready' on Fjuu Records (10" vinyl) and later independently as a mini CD. In the same year he released a split double mini CD with 'Pion', another renowned recording artist based in Vaasa. In the end of 2005 he featured on another release alongside Dumb & Effeckt (12") on Fjuu Records.In 2007 Neveready was contacted by Chydenius from Mestarisoundi radio program on YleX to be part of a Finnish Hip-Hop compilation album “Mestarisoundi Soundcheck” that was releases later that same year as a 2CD/2LP by Monsp Records.

In late 2006 Neveready moved to the capital city of Finland, Helsinki, 500 kilometers away to the south, and alongside DJ Akim and Dumb, they started another monthly club night dubbed 'Bassbash' catering for jungle, drum and bass and later on many other forms of bass music.

Around 2009 the Helsinki Rooftop Ninjas was born when Neveready was asked to join a band of Zenikh (former name Alaska Kalanen) and DJ Hereill. In early 2010 HRTN toured around the Baltic region on a DIY tour with MC Paleface. HRTN has played a good amount of gigs around Finland and many shows were collaborations with friends, such as the kick start party for the 2010 Funky Elephant Festival in Helsinki that featured Father Metro from Don Johnsson Big Band, Brandon Maher and Jaska Prepula.

After many stages in life and music, Neveready has returned to the music that maybe influenced him the most, Trip-hop and Downtempo, mixing and blending it in with all other music he loves. In 2012, Neveready released his first LP on NexGen Music entitled 'Rejections' in collaboration with legendary Finnish bass player Jukka Kiviniemi.

His music is an ongoing process, constantly evolving and mutating - hence the name, 'Neveready'.

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