Neveready — NexGen Music Artist
Neveready — NexGen Music Artist

Neveready (Petteri Arpiainen) is a Finnish producer, DJ, promoter and a vocalist who has been involved with music since 1992.

Originally from Vaasa, a small city in the west coast of Finland, Neveready first started making beats in the early 90's when his older brother invested in a personal computer along with the legendary Fast Tracker II music software package. Due to his young and tender age use of the computer was strictly forbidden, although that did not thwart him from learning the software and making beats in secrecy while his family was away. He grew up listening to his brother's record collection ranging from Jimi Hendrix and The Doors to Metalheadz and Mobb Deep, while immersing himself in the then early sounds of Jungle, Drum & Bass, Trip/Hip-Hop. He was also influenced by his mothers "older" record collection featuring music from David Bowie to Finnish tango.

At first making music was just a way to kill time and have fun, however, at the age of 10 Neveready became deeply immersed into Hip-Hop culture, breakdancing and freestyle rapping among close friends. Music started to become a an important part of everyday life, and it a natural progression into music productions. At the turn of the century he started to secure his earliest gigs and then music releases as a production artist building a steady discography that has grown to a steady pace.

Through the years Neveready has been part of many bands/groups, and has done hundreds of gigs around Finland. He has also rocked parties in 10 other countries. Arranging club events and Dj'ing has been essential part of his life and to this day he is one of the most respected DJ/promoter in his area with many well known productions under his belt.

Neveready is well-known for his deep "crate digging" excursions, looking for rare records to sample and blend into his own recordings with fellow musicians. After many stages in life and music, Neveready has been actively creating music that is an echo of early trip-hop and downtempo, mixing and blending them with the other genres and styles of music that he loves. He has come to the point where it is hard to even categorize the music he produces. His music is an ongoing process, constantly evolving and mutating. Hence the name, Neveready.

Currently Neveready is working on material with his new band Fearfall with partner in crime Jussi Nieminen.

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