Spooky Distance - 'Ophidia' LP

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  • RELEASE DATE: 09.23.2016
  • FORMAT: DIGITAL 320K (MP3) 1411K (Wav)

Ready for a new journey?... Calibrate your brainwaves with the sound and motion of our second LP release from resident Jamonoughts Spooky Distance .

Following on from SD1 and SD1 Mashups EP, 'Ophidia' sees Spooky Distance go even deeper into the caverns of underground “re-mashed” instrumentals laced with raw electro-sonics.

The LP title, 'Ophidia', means "snake like," and the LP cover photo is of an ancient relic from southern Turkey taken by band member Neil (Earth Leakage Trip). It was found around 15-years ago at what is thought to be a Neolithic stone circle site called Göbekli Tepe. Not much is known about the site or the people who built it and it could be much older. It consists of strange giant 'T' shaped stones that some believe may of been used for conducting sound frequencies. The head with a snake on top represents Kundalini activation which is a state of enlightenment or bliss, achieved through meditation. It is described like the feeling of a snake rising up through your spine and out through the top of your head.

Spooky Distance use their jam sessions as a form of meditation, allowing only the music to transport them into an “altered state” of musical consciousness. The reward is an “activation” of the spiritual soul, which is what they hope to share with their fans and listeners all around…

Enjoy your journey… …and be sure to check back for more Spooky Distance right here on NexGen Music.

NexGen Music Ops Team