Spooky Distance

Spooky Distance — NexGen Music Artist
Spooky Distance — NexGen Music Artist

What is Spooky Distance? Well, in a nutshell it’s a band born from unedited jam sessions direct from the studio performed by Neil Sanford and Tony Lobue from Earth Leakage Trip, along with long-time ‘Jamonauts’ Pete Corbalan and Adam Fras.

After spending many years in the studio together - a project that originally began as pure jamming sessions evolved into live-jam-multi-track-recordings. We found that through the sessions we were able to liberate ourselves from the normal process of arranging music, and instead let the music arrange us. The results always keep us fresh and inspired while providing us with an abundance of raw, spontaneous, and unique ideas. In this process we manage to capture the ‘magic’ moments that would normally be impossible to re-create.

Our music is all about creating a connection with our listeners on the 5th dimension, and sharing the space.

As well as these recordings having their own merit, they provide us a great source to remix with. Still keeping the spontaneous feel, we have been recording live mash - ups with them which takes it to another whole new hybrid level.

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