Earth Leakage Trip

Earth Leakage Trip — NexGen Music Artist
Earth Leakage Trip — NexGen Music Artist

Earth Leakage Trip ‘ELT’ aka El-Trip — is one of the original pioneers of UK Hardcore and Techno appearing on the debut release of award-winning Moving Shadow Records (back in 1991), Rising High Record, and also appearing on Orbital’s ‘Back To Mine’ Collection as well as numerous releases on LTJ Bukem’s ‘Cookin’ Records’ imprint spanning a four-year period.

ELT's stint on Rising High Records saw the release of a number of tracks including the acclaimed 'Ice Cream Van from Hell' which was also featured on the revolutionary Kaos Theory compilation series (Telstar) featuring other well-known artists such as The Prodigy, Acen, Altern-8, 4-Hero, Hackney Hardcore, Shut Up & Dance amongst many others.

Three of ELT's albums released on NexGen Music; Research, Development & Triplicity feature collaborations with esteemed UK vocalist Aluna Francis (aka Aluna George) and fellow producer Tony Lobue, are smooth and laid back, funky and sometimes dark, with influences ranging from cool mid 70’s TV music, to Psychedelic Jazz, Rock, Funk, Soul and more.

ELT is also a member of the artist group 'Spooky Distance,' which over the last few years have cut-up, sampled and arranged all of their our own original recordings to produce various productions that experiment with Twisted Jazz, Soulful Funk, Leftfield, and electronic music.

Via NexGen Music, Earth Leakage Trip continues to advance and refine his unique and sophisticated sound.

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