Rob Sparx - 'Babylonian' EP

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  • GENRE: Dubstep
  • RELEASE DATE: 07.08.2013
  • FORMAT: DIGITAL 320K (MP3) 1411K (Wav)

Rob Sparx touches down once again on his Migration imprint with the ’Babylonian EP’ - a four track EP showcasing Rob’s trademark production style and more. As the name would suggest the whole EP gives a nod to the dub / reggae foundation associated with the original dubstep sound. This release is seasoned with island spices, and marinated in Rob’s classic 8-bit Migration sound.


SYMBIZ SOUND (feat Singin' Gold) - 'DUBPLATE' (Rob Sparx VIP)

Kicking things off with a bang. Rob Sparx’s take on an original track by Symbiz Sound featuring Singin' Gold. Dubplate VIP fuses the Symbiz Sound’s Dancehall fire with some outright Rob Sparx dubstep weight.


The second track on the EP kicks off with some all out 8 bit Migration sounds. Stripped back percussion and a subtle throbbing sub set the stage for the Rastafarian edge to make an entrance. Things get switched up a gear towards the middle of the track as everything gets a bit more intense before the hands in the air breakdown that will have your nose itching in the dance.


Second to last track on the EP, 'Prayer For Life' offsets the Jamaican flavors with some more eastern sounds. Ethereal vocals wind back and forth around a garage shuffle that will definitely have ladies shaking something

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