Earth Leakage Trip - Authorised Leakage EP

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  • CAT#: NXGDEP03
  • GENRE: Dubstep / Space-step / Unclassified
  • RELEASE DATE: 07.22.2013
  • FORMAT: DIGITAL 320K (MP3) 1411K (Wav)

21+ year EDM & Downtempo music pioneers Earth Leakage Trip ‘ELT’ produce yet another devastatingly dextrous production of pure musical madness. ‘Authorised Leakage’ epitomizes their sheer mastery of creating ground-breaking music for artists and labels such as Moving Shadow, Good Looking / Cookin’ Records, Orbital — and for the last 5 years exclusively on NexGen Music.

'TIME FOR DISCLOSURE' (feat Dreddmarc)

‘Time for Disclosure’ is a stark awakening into our consciousness about the presence, and more importantly the silence and cover up behind the existence of extra-terrestrial beings — and their direct influence on pretty much everything that happens in our world today. Armed with the enlightened vocals of Dreddmarc and driven by the relentless research from Project Camelot ( - ‘Time for Disclosure’ delivers a distinct message and was written for one purpose only - to inspire YOU to seek the REAL truth behind the secrecy of UFO’s and ‘life’ as you think you know it.


“We contacted the humans and they called it Dubstep” This was a banner that had been floating around the net that became the inspiration for this piece. Alien rock music great for the space ship sound system for when your cruising at light speeds...


Doing any research into hidden knowledge will pretty soon bring you to reptilians. Images of reptile beings are found in all religions around the ancient and modern world. Are intelligent highly evolved reptile beings instrumental in our development over 100’s of thousands of years, are they still here keeping us enslaved in ways we can barely comprehend? Some believe they could be operating underground, controlling certain humans to keep humanity in a state of arrested development so we can’t connect to our higher awareness.


Inspired by the reports of strange loud eerie siren-like noises being heard all around the world — at the same periods of time. The witnesses to these strange noises could never seem to locate where exactly the sound was coming from, it seemed to “come from everywhere” they reported. There’s been much speculation and talk of dimensions perhaps colliding, or some kind of alien invasion — something huge behind the veil, a grinding distant mechanism bringing uncertain change. We’ve named this promulgation as ‘Hyperdimension’.

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