Cutworks - Joint / What You're Feeling (12" Vinyl) [NXG008]

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  • CAT#: NXG008
  • GENRE: Drum & Bass
  • RELEASE DATE: 01.28.2013


Imagine entering a dark unfamiliar town where you’re greeted with ghostly ambient tones including synthetic grumbling basses, distant ringing chimes, and deep, warm cinematic strings. But this is only a small beginning. After a brief intro featuring some steppy minimal drum patterns and beat progression, Cutworks unleashes a masterpiece drop of pure silk – with a bass-heavy blend of soulful minimal drum & bass, and vocal liquid funk.

‘Joint’ is one of those tunes that you just simply can’t get enough of. Recommended to buy on site.


Cutworks teams up with Nummix to unleash ‘What You’re Feeling’ – a deep thumping vocal liquid banger that is more than worthy of occupying the A-side of this release.

This piece has everything that a classic, soulful drum & bass tune should have, starting with a crispy drum beat accompanied by some vintage keyboard sounds. Upon the main drop ‘What You’re Feeling’ quickly transitions into a rich soundscape featuring a slick but mysterious sounding male vocal, pumping kicks, deep sub-basses, resonant wobbles, jazzy guitar lines, melodic synths, and so much more.

This release is a serious piece of wax. Don’t sleep on this one!

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