Undersound - 'All I Really Need' (feat. Bella Collins)

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  • RELEASE DATE: 07.15.2022
  • FORMAT: DIGITAL 320K (MP3) 1411K (Wav)

Undersound drops the first single from his highly-anticipated forthcoming LP entitled Infinite Wishes .

Teaming up with long-time music cohort Bella Collins, 'All I Really Need' delivers a delightful and somewhat quirky slab of duet-style neo-soul funk. The hook is super catchy and is likely to have your head nodding and toes tapping long after its evanesce. It most definitely lingers in a good way... :)

Undersound - 'All I Really Need' (feat. Bella Collins) [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Here is what Undersound has to say about the music:

The song started out heavily influenced by D’Angelo in its guitars and feel. The bass is very much inspired by the playing of local bass legend Pino Palladino on such records as 'Mama’s Gun' (Erykah Badu) and 'Voodoo' (D’angelo) It also draws lots of inspiration from specific songs including Jacob Colliers 'Time Alone With You' and Jose James' 'Trouble'. It was written as a duet with Bella Collins.

Bella is one of my best and oldest friends in the world and is an absolute force of talent. We worked on the vocals over a handful of sessions in my studio to fine tune the vocal arrangements. The little "church choir" bit in the middle initially started out as a bit of a joke, but when we put it down we both found it hilarious, it actually worked, so decided to keep it in (hence the laugh on one of Bella’s vocal takes which we also kept in).

A lot of the vocal arrangement such as the bell-like stacks and the answering phrases lend from those of Prince, but also the vocal duet arrangement between Jacob collier and Daniel Caesar in Time Alone With You'. For the guitar solo I wanted to go for a real jazz sound, kind of like as if Wes Montgomery had just stepped in to stick a solo down (disclaimer: I not by any stretch comparing myself to Wes, lol).

For the outro I wanted to create a big polyrhythmic texture from lots of different sounds ranging from djembe, tom-toms, claves and even using things like keys and coins in a tub and bottles etc, all playing various parts from a division of five over two, or ten over four if you like.

'All I Really Need' premiered on Adam Walton's BBC Radio Wales/BBC Introducing Show (07.02.22). Undersound's 'Infinite Wishes' LP drops on September 2nd, 2022.

Listen, buy, and enjoy! :)

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