Luvduxe - 'Luvduxe!'

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  • RELEASE DATE: 02.04.2022
  • FORMAT: DIGITAL 320K (MP3) 1411K (Wav)

We are delighted to drop the debut single 'Luvduxe!' from re-formed Moscow-based artist group LUVDUXE (formerly Neon Tapehead). Why the name Luvduxe? Well, the name is a play on the words "love" and "dukes," which encapsulates the group's mission to spread the message of love and good vibes to the entire world and beyond...

Elegantly blending early 80s analog sounds, modern groovy beats and upfront vocals, 'Luvduxe!' drops you straight onto the dance floor of a musical "LUV-party" that you wish would never end. Think big haircuts, sunglasses, silky costumes and shining shoes.

Luvduxe's sound is a concoction of 100% pure analog synths, drum machines, vocoders and other instruments from the 70/80's soul-funk era giving the music that signature warm and punchy sound. Lead singer Maya Shonia's vocal delivery is on point like a 100,000 watt laser-beam providing the cutting-edge to this deliciously executed slab of electro-funk.

Let's hop on the groovy-train and join Luvduxe's funky "LUV-trip" over to the dancefloor, living room or sunset party. And when you get there be sure take a sip of a nice sweet cocktail and shake your body to the sound of the Luvduxe! beat. Spread peace and love.

LUVDUXE! Teaser Video:

Listen, buy, and enjoy! :)

NexGen Music Ops Team