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Luvduxe is an artist group and band from Moscow, Russia. Their music enraptures you with a sweet potion of flavors concocted from various genres and styles such as Neo-Soul, Electro-Funk and R&B; blending early 80s analog sounds, modern groovy beats and punchy vocals with sophisticated Imperial Russian fashion and visuals, high energy, and upfront attitude.

The message in their music is clear: stereotypes have no place in their world. Their philosophy is centered around love without prejudice – for all people and species. Every person on this earth should have the opportunity to live and be comfortable with themself, choose who they want to be, do what they want to do, and express themselves in any way that they feel.

Luvduxe (formerly Neon Tapehead) was formed by vocalist Maya Shonia; guitarist, keyboardist and producer Dmitry Ursul; bassist Dmitry Votintsev; and drummer Alexander Kovalchuk. Dare we say the band is fun, exciting and chic! :)

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Luvduxe appears on:

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