Soulful Nature - 'Going Nowhere' EP

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  • GENRE: Drum & Bass
  • RELEASE DATE: 02.26.2016
  • FORMAT: DIGITAL 320K (MP3) 1411K (Wav)

We're SUPER excited to drop our second release of the year, with UK-based Soulful Nature making his debut appearance on the NexGen Music imprint. Following his impressive involvement in 'Give U My Love' alongside Rob Sparx and Dee Ellington, accompanied by the lush atmospherics of 'Passing By' featured on Migration 11, Soulful Nature doesn’t fail to live up to his name with his beautifully crafted solo release 'Going Nowhere' EP .

The Leicester-based producer & DJ is on top form with this EP of goodness, letting his influences shine through with elements of soul, jazz & funk. Melodies and instruments are a theme throughout with the pace changing from laid back summer tunes 'Going Nowhere' and 'Something New' to the more high paced rollers 'Still Love You' and 'Doing To Me.' What a way to cement the start to 2016!

Listen, buy, and enjoy! :)

NexGen Music Ops Team