D.J.C. — NexGen Music Artist
D.J.C. — NexGen Music Artist
D.J.C. — NexGen Music Artist
D.J.C. — NexGen Music Artist

Producer, Sound Designer/Engineer and music entrepreneur; Daniel Jahmal Clarke (aka "D.J.C.," "D.A," and "Urban Enigma") is the Founder and CEO of NexGen Music.

Born in White Plains, New York, Dan immigrated to South East London as a small child. His introduction and curiosity to underground music began in the late 80's and early 90's via niche record shops and London's pirate radio airwaves. Coming from a strong music family and witnessing firsthand the evolution of early Dance, Rave, Hardcore, Breakbeat and the later Jungle, Drum & Bass and UK Garage music scenes of a new era, it was inevitable that Dan would form a relationship with music that would later see him as a respected influencer and facilitator in "proper" underground music.

Like most aspiring DJ/producers, Dan cut his teeth in a makeshift bedroom studio. His first dabble with music management was setting up an audio production company on college campus, offering him the opportunity to sharpen his music production and engineering skills while learning the ropes of talent development and artist management. By day, he studied to build a professional career in business and marketing, and at night produced TV commercial/advertising jingles for recognized British brands. Dan also did the rounds at legendary club nights and venues such as the Ministry of Sound, Hippodrome, Lazerdrome, Astoria, and Equinox.

A pivotal moment in Dan's personal journey with music came on a free CD compilation in a '98 issue of DJ Mag. The compilation contained quality underground music by artists representing previously unheard genres, such as Downtempo, Chill, and Deep/Chill-House. Labels represented on the CD included Naked Music, Chez, and Nu Wave Music. These new influences immediately expanded Dan's palette, inspiring him to expand the production company into a record label that would eventually include the wide array of musical genres and sub-genres that NexGen Music represents today.

In 2001, Dan re-branded the label as NexGen Music, and in 2003 moved the label across the Atlantic to Brooklyn, NY, where he spent several years prior to moving to the nation's capital, Washington D.C. Now more than 20 years since the journey first began, and armed with a robust catalog of artists, musicians, and engineers, NexGen Music has expanded its musical reach, going on to secure a number of film, TV, and interactive entertainment placements and engagements, with works that include sound design and production for organizations such as the BBC, Lionsgate Films, Bravo, and VH1.

Dan, is an ever active figure, devoting much of his time to artist development, philanthropy, career, and his wife and two beloved children.

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