Kachina & Lyndsey Murray - 'Falling' EP

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  • RELEASE DATE: 10.16.2020
  • FORMAT: DIGITAL 320K (MP3) 1411K (Wav)

The 13th installment on Affectionate Grooves sees label cohorts Kachina and Lyndsey Murray team up again hot on the heels of their recent collaboration on the Trust EP (Migration Recordings).

Together they pull out all the stops to bring us the delicious Falling EP, which sees Lyndsey take the lead of vocal proceedings with the EP also featuring a Kachina collaboration with Nikki Marie.

'Falling' is a delightful bouncy UKG roller with a silky smooth groove and even silkier vox and lyrics from Lyndsey.

Up next is 'Expectations' which is every bit as tasty featuring a cool slick uptempo garage-come-house groove lead again by the sumptuous vocals of Lyndsey.

'Once More' goes all tech-house on us pushing a chunky 4x4 beat that steps with swagger, elevated with analogue acids and synth lines that rounds this piece off into an enjoyable late night party groover.

'Rock The Boat' crosses the border in house/trance territory showcasing the lush vocals of Nikki Marie, their most recent collaboration since the A Girl Like Me Remix EP featuring house and UKG/bassline heavyweights Miguel Migs, Osunlade and DJ Q. Think lovely build-ups and drops combined with rich lead vox with clever chops.

This EP makes for a perfect listening experience whether that be a in club or live stream show, busy working at home in flow, out and about on the go, or in the car on the road.

Listen, buy, and enjoy! :)

NexGen Music Ops Team