Casey Jones

Casey Jones — NexGen Music Artist
Casey Jones — NexGen Music Artist

Gareth (Undersound) Evans, and Gareth (DJ Kooley) Winters are the driving forces behind the Welsh Drum & Bass duo Casey Jones. If the name does not ring any bells, think of turtles who love pizza… ;)

Classically trained multi-instrumentalist and full-time career musician Undersound boasts an impressive music portfolio and background, from playing in his own bands to writing and performing parts for well-known Drum & Bass artists. He also has over a hundred releases to date.

Kooley is well known in the Welsh Drum & Bass scene with over 20 years on the circuit as a DJ/promoter, with countless sell out nights under his belt. He has warmed up for a long list of high-profile artists, notably for Andy C’s ‘All Night’ event and also had a cameo role in High Contrast’s video ‘The First Note is Silent.’

Together as Casey Jones they delve into all styles of D&B, from using live sound recordings to continuously searching for something different to bring to the platform. The duo has had several releases including an EP on Hustle Audio and a feature track on Drumsound and Simon Bassline Smiths’ Technique Recordings. They have also been doing the DJ rounds, performing at sellout events such as Playaz, Hospitality, Bedlam, Colourfest and Concrete Junglists.

With Gareth's musical knowledge and Kooley’s seasoned DJ skills, Casey Jones is definitely one to watch!

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Casey Jones - Dark Star EP