Undersound - 'Symbols' EP

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  • RELEASE DATE: 07.31.2020
  • FORMAT: DIGITAL 320K (MP3) 1411K (Wav)

Undersound drops his latest project entitled 'Symbols' - an EP that has been a year in the making and worth every bit of the wait. The Welsh Wizard takes us on a journey into the mystics of the mind and universe, with a carefully crafted soundtrack that is intertwined with personal revelations and cryptic messages.

Title track 'Symbols' begins in cinematic style with brass, percussion and choral textures. The eloquent spoken words of co-collaborator, actress, musician and singer Francesca Dimech sets the stage for a prodigious transformation into a moody dubstep-influenced hip-hop piece, with Undersound stepping into the fray to form a consciously awakened duet with Dimech.

He then takes us on spiritual journey deep into his inner soul with 'Desires,' using lyrics in spoken word that carries a distinct message in its own context while ultimately leaving its interpretation open to the listener. The composition itself takes an eastern approach featuring the distinguishable sound of the Chinese GuZheng along with other worldly instruments, such as Arabic modal singing, Spanish guitar licks, and monasterial sung open fifths. This piece is further garnished with the tribal textures of floor toms and djembe, burnished with a subtle mix of blues-infused electric and acoustic guitars over a murky hip-hop rhythm.

'Myself' features the clever lyrics and wordplay of newly-signed NexGen artist $aucetin , who delivers well-executed bars over a grimy hip-hop monstrosity fit for any occasion needing some energy and hype.

Notable mentions for 'Mechanism' and 'Elegy' both of which add even more energy, hype and grit to the overall aphotic and mystical tone of the EP.

Stayed tuned for a LOT more to come from Undersound in the coming months...

Listen, buy, and enjoy! :)

NexGen Music Ops Team