Rob Sparx - 'Spitfire' EP

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  • GENRE: Drum & Bass
  • RELEASE DATE: 11.22.2019
  • FORMAT: DIGITAL 320K (MP3) 1411K (Wav)

Rob Sparx drops his latest release on NexGen entitled the 'Spitfire' EP , featuring four exquisite slabs of upfront Drum & Bass.

Title track 'Spitfire' throws you straight into the cockpit of a fighter jet in the heat of World War II, with the sound of energetic drums, classic horns and devastating bass marshaled by military sermons courtesy of Sir Winston Churchill.

'Power' takes no prisoners in its approach, with sci-fi effects, crisp rolling drums, and a groovy bassline fully layered with electrified synths indicative of a power grid gone all out of control.

'Zombie' wastes no time getting down to business dropping a stomping bass that works in tandem with chunky "steppy" drums complete with horror film sounds and effects.

Rob teams up with long time cohort Wigz on 'Harvest' — a spacey, chilled-out, hip-hop infused drum & bass roller with a pulsating upper-toned "grower" that plays off of a deep sub bass.

Listen, buy, and enjoy! :)

NexGen Music Ops Team