mSdoS, Brokendrum, Kyro & Static

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  • CAT#: NXG017D
  • GENRE: Drum & Bass, Soulful Drum & Bass, Intelligent Drum & Bass
  • RELEASE DATE: 08.10.2012
  • FORMAT: DIGITAL 320K (MP3) 1411K (Wav)

Fresh off the back of launching our new website and online store earlier this month, we’re proud to announce our first official Drum & Bass release available exclusively in the NexGen Music store.

As always, we’ve brought you another quality installment of deep, soulful and sophisticated Drum & Bass;

A: MSDOS & BROKENDRUM – ‘City of Soul’

A pair of decent speakers or headphones, and a love for the finest in Drum & Bass is all you need for a romantic getaway to the of ‘City of Soul’. Lush vocal snippets, high energy drums & percussion, alongside a deep rolling bass makes this tune a perfect candidate for your late night sessions, whether that be in a club, internet radio or cruising in your favorite ride!

B: KYRO – ‘Spring Fever’ (mSdoS Remix)

This awesome tune needs no introduction. ‘Spring Fever’ engages your ears with an almost trance-like hook, topped off with some subtle bass notes to settle you down before the final leg of your musical journey. A fine rework of a NexGen classic by Kyro, courtesy of our very own Greek connection - mSdoS. This is one of those remixes that really compliments the original, keeping the theme close but yet so distinctly different.


mSdos teams up with UK seaside town resident Static, to bring you ‘Flesh’ – a heavily bass-driven beauty, with uplifting pads, synths and strings, blended with crisp, rolling drums. The lovely sounds of ‘Flesh’ hooks and then sucks you in, concreting your desires to revisit this wonderful release again and again.

Watch out for upcoming D&B NexGen releases (12” Vinyl & Digital) featuring Undersound, Cutworks & Nummix, CJ Styles, D.A, mSdoS, Faible & Iriann Joyce.