Nikki Marie

Nikki Marie — agrooves Recordings Artist
Nikki Marie — agrooves Recordings Artist

Nikki Marie is an independent British soul singer, model and photographer from the West Midlands.

With a wide range of vocal elegance, style and creativity, Nikki has collaborated with such artists as Sonny Jim, Frisco, Little Dee and RTKal. She has recently been working with Kachina singing on some of their forthcoming releases for Affectionate Grooves and also has music in the pipeline on NexGen Music.

Nikki's talent, passion and soul is clear to hear within her music with unparalleled vocals and crystal clarity.

Watch this spaceā€¦

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Nikki Marie appears on:

Kachina & Lyndsey Murray - Falling EP


Kachina (feat. Nikki Marie) - A Girl Like Me Remixes


Kachina - Hypnotize EP


Kachina - Blind EP