Neon Tapehead

Neon Tapehead — NexGen Music Artist
Neon Tapehead — NexGen Music Artist

Neon Tapehead is funk, soul and r&b band from Moscow, Russia.

The group is spearheaded by bonafide 'synth-head' Dmitry Ursul after he acquired his first synth (Roland JX-8P '85) back in 2016, forming the group later that year with drummer Aleksandr Kovalchuk, lead singer Maya Shonia and Dmitry Votintsev on bass.

With music inspired by 80’s electro funk, r&b and soul music along with early house and nudisco, their mission is to bring fresh new vibes and musical creativity by combining the finest elements of old-school era retro synthesizer music, with modern music production techniques. Other key influences include artists and groups such as Kool & The Gang, Zapp, Con Funk Shun, The GAP Band, and Rick James.

After spending the last few years playing shows and gigs in Moscow and other cities across Russia, they dropped an exquisite demo into NexGen Music who immediately recognized their talent and snapped them without a second thought. Now part of a larger music family, the group has the platform and support that they have been craving to help them achieve their musical ambitions.

Neon Tapehead is a unique combination of past and present music + fashion, with groovy beats, retro synths, modern sound production and punchy vocals. Dare we say they are fun, exciting and chic!!

Band roles:

Dmitry Ursul (Producer, Songwriter, Guitars, Synths, Mixing, Mastering)
Maya Shonia (Lead Vocals, Co-writer)
Dmitry Votintsev (Bass Guitar, Synths)
Alexandr Kovalchuk (Drums)

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Neon Tapehead appears on:

Neon Tapehead - Never Say Never EP