Lyndsey Murray (R.I.P.)

Lyndsey Murray — agrooves Recordings Artist
Lyndsey Murray — agrooves Recordings Artist

Lyndsey Murray (1987-2023) was a singer, songwriter and musician from Leicester, UK.

UPDATE APRIL 14, 2023:

We are devastated to report that we lost Lyndsey earlier this week. Lyndsey was an extremely talented vocalist, songwriter and musician who was loved immensely by everyone associated with NexGen and beyond. We are working on an a tribute music project that will feature all of her released/unreleased label material, with all future proceeds of her music to be donated to her family (stay tuned).

Lyndsey... we will forever mourn your loss and hope that you are now in a better place. May you rest in peace. - Love NexGen Family ❤️

Lyndsey grew up in a musically enthusiastic household, her father and brother both keen guitarists along with her father's love of old blues and rock, and her mother's passion for country music and soulful ballads. She began singing at a very young age, initially around the house and later in her school choir. Around age 10 she was given a keyboard which she used to play and record to a cassette player and sing along to her tunes. On her 16th birthday she was gifted an electric guitar and taught herself to play (learning Nirvana riffs) while beginning to write her own melodies. She later swapped the electric guitar with her brother's acoustic, preferring the more natural sound and tone.

Lyndsey's initial exposure playing gigs with other locally-prominent artists and musicians came back in 2010, singing backing vocals for Leicester-based acoustic reggae and dub band Grace and The Magic Roots. Over the years Lyndsey's musical tastes have expanded into a wide-range of genres and styles such as blues, punk, ska, breaks, trip-hop, jungle, drum and bass, and dubstep. Her interest in UK underground music lead her to connecting with NexGen artists Rob Sparx and Zurcon (R.I.P) back in 2013 as they were starting their new artist group Kachina , and has collaborated with them on various releases on NexGen's Affectionate Grooves and Migration Recordings imprints receiving major airplay on BBC Radio 1 , BBC 1xtra and Kiss FM. Lyndsey has also appeared on various release collaborations for drum and bass-focused labels; Horizons Music, Fokuz Recordings and Proximity Recordings all of which have received major radio airplay.

As a solo artist Lyndsey exudes a raw, dark, bluesy-folk sound. As a vocal collaborator she brings forth an extremely diverse vibe and feel, which can switch dexterously from soft, silky and soulful to bold, gritty and extravagant as required. Expect to hear a lot more music coming from Lyndsey in the coming months and years, with more collaborations in the pipeline with various NexGen Music artists and new solo projects in the works.

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