Kyro — NexGen Music Artist
Kyro — NexGen Music Artist

Kyro (Wesley 'Wes' Hurr) grew up in Ipswich, Suffolk (UK). Wes began his musical journey playing in a school band at the age of 13, which evolved into intense jam sessions with friends, blending up Jazz, Funk, Soul, R'n'B, early Electro, UK Breakbeat as well as other various styles and genres. This soon led him to the Jungle, Drum and Bass sound where at the age of 14 began DJ'ing at various local parties and events. Music has always been a vital expression for Wesley and his musical roots go way back to an early age when he was given keyboards and guitars as birthday and Christmas gifts.

In 1995 he purchased some small studio equipment and began writing his own Drum and Bass. In 1996 he picked up the books and enrolled on a music technology course, and 6 years later (2002) he had his first 12" release entitled ‘Stand Up’, (a collaboration with artist 'PFM') on LTJ Bukem’s Looking Good Records imprint, which was also featured on Looking Good Records' monumental ‘Visions’ LP.

At the end of 2002 he went back to college to complete the and advanced diploma in music technology. Snapped up by NexGen Music in the spring of 2007, and today his production is diversified from Drum and Bass into Downtempo, Chill, Deep House, and Nu/Future-Jazz for NexGen Music.

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