Josie Gets Naked - 'Sqwizzle' EP [PHDMXX04]

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  • RELEASE DATE: 11.19.2020
  • FORMAT: DIGITAL 320K (MP3) 1411K (Wav)

After releasing their debut track 'Life Or Something Like It' on PHDM compilation EP Slowburn , Josie Gets Naked sets the bar high with a stomping four track EP taking you on a staunch and sizzling ride that puts the "dirty" into PHDM.

'Sqwizzle' kicks off "4-to-the-floor" before quickly progressing into a rolling deeper, harder and dirtier kuduro influenced dancefloor vibe that switches into a heavy stepper before pulling back into more melodic territory to rinse and repeat.

'Janey On The Make' continues the sexually charged exploration of themes of desire and longing. Carried along by pounding 808s, darting synths, ethereal vocal cuts and trap influenced sharp beats.

'Binary Feedback' delves into a darker, heavier and more tech progressive percussive rhythms taking breaks, techno and neuro influences and smashing them together into something that would suit hot and heavy warehouse raving.

'Shadows And Dust' rounds out the release with 140 breaks, heavy dubstep elements and in your face bass tied together with melodic trance influenced synthwork. Switching up the melodics midway through heightens the energy and will bring a more explosive energy to any set.

Listen, buy and enjoy! :)

NexGen Music Ops Team