Various Artists - 'Slowburn' EP [PHDMXX02]

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  • RELEASE DATE: 08.20.2021
  • FORMAT: DIGITAL 320K (MP3) 1411K (Wav)

PHDM's first narrative compilation features five new songs from Unsub , N0isemakeR , Alexis K and the debut of Josie Gets Naked on the label.

Title track 'Slowburn' is a deep brooding journey into the recesses of the void, featuring dark swelling bass, haunting vocals and trance inducing melodic synths forming a groove much slower than Unsub & N0isemakeR's typical fast paced affairs.

'Bentwing Ascends' navigates a path through driving melodic tones and contemplative vibes as Alexis K & Unsub explore themes of grief, loss and finding the light in darker places.

'Life Or Something Like It' is a UK funky/garage influenced stepper by PHDM newcomer Josie Gets Naked sets the scene for a pensive wander through the sonic seaside, with washing basslines rolling through a misty harbor.

'Nexus' by N0isemakeR takes us through a more upbeat swing, stepping into the sunshine with ethereal vocals and pads bounced along with funky drums to explore the feeling of freedom after escaping the inner world.

Rounding out the journey is the first new drum and bass production from Alexis K in over 10 years. Haunting, driving and determined; 'The View Askewed' looks back at the path taken with a new perspective, a lamentation on the passing of time but with a newfound resolve that drives the next step into the future.

Slowburn EP is the first in a new direction of storytelling from the PHDM family, look out for more multi-genre releases coming soon!

Listen, buy, and enjoy! :)

NexGen Music Ops Team